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For Firearms Dealers

FFLs and other firearms industry businesses present a unique set of challenges in the realm of ecommerce. First off for credit processors Firearms represent a high risk business. Not only because of political leanings but because of the general per transaction size being much larger than average but also  the long lead times common in the business. Because of this firearms dealers are frequently denied credit card processing or must use shady off shore vendors. We have spent years cultivating relationships with US financial institutions and for qualifying FFL license holders who handle their credit transactions through us we can provide the following:

1.) A PCI compliant ecommerce website solution at no cost to you
2.) True mobile payments (gunshows anyone), just like some of our competition we can provide payments through either a stand alone 3g/4g terminal or your cell phone
3.) No contracts cancel at any time
4.) Peace of mind knowing your business is handled by people who know and understand the value that you provide to your community

Rates are 2.75%, and a monthly fee of $27.95!

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For Firearms Dealers
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Rates are variable and average around 2.75% based on the type of card the customer swipes as well as your business practices and model per standard industry practice. This application is non binding and will help us customize a plan to fit your needs we will ensure that you understand the agreement and schedule of fees before you ever sign anything.

Please note: To ensure the safety of you and your customers the free site offer is only valid for a wordpress site hosted on patriot hosting products. If you want to make other arrangements our credit processing platform can accommodate other hosts and we will gladly work with your web designer or make recommendations as to how to integrate our gateway into your business process. However due to the intricate nature of ecommerce software and the approvals process we can not manipulate, configure or otherwise modify any system other than our own. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patronage.