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From Ryan at Logic Industries

These guys at Patriot Hosting are good as gold. I had a lot of experience selling online, but it was all with low tech old school static HTML sites and PayPal payment processing. When it came time to take the business up a level with the firearms stuff, I knew that I was going to have to up my game on the tech side as well. They got me pointed in the right direction with WordPress and WooCommerce and helped me get my new store up and running in about a week, but where they really shined was in shepherding me through the merchant account process and getting that all taken care of. Having come from the point-n-click world of PayPal (which was a non-starter for the firearms business, due to their politics), I was a bit overwhelmed, but they held my hand and guided me along until I was able to pick up how things worked. Now we’re doing business through the new site and merchant account and it’s smooth sailing. Setting up a new website is stressful no matter what, but Patriot Hosting made the process as pain-free as it can be, and I greatly appreciate it.

Ryan, owner of